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friendly and accommodating

We are so thankful for Off Leash and the trainers who work there. Our pup went for the two week board and train and he came back an entirely new dog! Before he wouldn't listen to basic commands like sit or stay, but once he came back, he could sit, stay, lie down, place, heel, without hesitation. It was seriously worth every penny!  And everyone at the company is so friendly and accommodating.

Alison Maloof  //  Verified Google Review


Taylor and Clay were WONDERFUL!  They really know what they are doing. Buddy is a changed dog... same personality, but much more behaved!  Taylor and Clay have also given us continuous support since boarding Buddy.  I would recommend Off Leash of Athens to anyone with a challenging dog.

Kim Hawkins  //  Verified Google Review

I am so happy

Off leash was such a great experience and I am so happy I sent Eugene to train with them. When I first adopted him he had little to no experience walking on a leash and was constantly pulling and not listening. After 2 weeks in the board and train program it was like being with a different dog. I can easily walk him with without a leash and he is so much more calm and behaved. There is work to be done after the two weeks though on your side as the owner. I have recommended them to many people and would happily any time! Greg was great with Eugene and kept in contact with me whenever I reached out. You also get updates every day of how your pup is doing. I looked forward to every email and video.

Rachel Tourne  //  Verified Google Review

best training plans 

Rob listened to where our dog-Pal is now in following commands and the added areas where we need help. Rob then gave us good, better, and best training plans with options that fit our budget. This was efficient and more than meets our training needs [for us as well as our pet.

John Walters //   Verified Google Review

Well worth the money

We had a great experience with Off Leash.  Miranda is a true miracle worker! She worked with our puppy, QTip.  Before working with Miranda, we could never get QTip to focus or listen.  She was always all over the place, all the time.  Its amazing how well mannered she became.  We still take her to Lowe's and work with her off leash.  We got photos and feedback daily, and I was amazed at how quickly she picked things up!  Well worth the money, and I felt like they really cared about my dog's well being as well as her manners.  đź™‚

Shelley Mays  //   Verified Google Review

one of the coolest trainers

My experience was working with Rob. Honestly one of the coolest trainers and my dog is amazing from the training she went through. I would highly highly recommend off lease training to anyon.

Jason B.  //   Verified Google Review

Great class

There are a lot of knowledge about puppy need to be learned, especially for first time puppy owner. After training, you will have good time with your puppy (otherwise it can be a nightmare)..Great class and it is worth it.

Candra Widjaja  //   Verified Google Review

efficient system in place

Taylor is an awesome trainer!  They have an efficient system in place that is very effective.  If you put in your time in at home what they teach you during the lessons it's amazing how well it works.

John Ait  //  Verified Google Review

Worth the money!

The absolute best training for dogs. You and the dog will learn more in one lesson than months at other training places. Worth the money!

Benjamin Cipriano  //   Verified Google Review

I can't thank Off Leash enough!

Had a treat in hand!  He really scared us when he began lunging at little children to play, and my husband wanted to send him back to the rescue.  We saw a dramatic change as a result of Off Leash's training! Now, six months later we have a happy puppy who is always being complemented for his good behavior.   

Michelle Schwab  //  Verified Google Review

trainers are so friendly

The trainers are so friendly and were more than willing to address our concerns we had with our dog. Needless to say, those concerns were met and they helped correct the issues we were having. Couldn’t have been more pleased!

Michelle Baker  //   Verified Google Review


OLK9 takes their time to ensure dog and owner have an bonding relationship. The success of the dogs that go thru the training are due to the reinforcement of positive behavior and the trainer’s determination that the dog will succeed. The speed at which I see dogs transform is more than impressive.

Coach Herb  //   Verified Google Review

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